Fancy Sloth Shower Curtain to Create Cheerful Ambiance in the Bathroom

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Shower curtain can make significant effect for your bathroom. By doing some minor adjustments to the curtain your shower room will look new. You can try some improvisation into the shower curtain. Some unique curtains are available and wait to be chosen by you. One of them is sloth shower curtain. Sloth is cute character that mostly used as painting on curtain. There are many Sloth pictures painted on the shower curtain as I find in some shops, such as Slothzilla and Stripper sloth.

Slothzilla seems like replica of King Kong in King Kong Movie. The Slothzilla is scaling the Empire State Building. It is iconic pose of King Kong (Gorilla) when he was brought in the city and became wild. Why it doesn’t become Sloth Kong? It is cool enough especially for your kids. It will make your kid feel happy. Moreover, the color is attractive enough. The kids must like it.

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Another style of sloth pictured on the curtain is stripper sloth. He acts like a strip and sexy dance in the club. Meanwhile, dollars are flying around him. The color is pink that is suitable for women or your daughter. The picture is printed on the 71 x 74 polyester materials that large enough to cover the shower or bath tub. The price of that printed motif sloth shower curtain is about $40. So, what do you wait for? This cute shower curtain will be interesting gift for your kids.

Cute Motif Shower Curtain for Kids

Sometimes, you should do the best for your kids, including serving what they love in their shower room or bathroom. Providing cute bathroom designs is one of the ways that right to try. Sloth shower curtain can be utilized as the booster of cute bathroom design, because sloth is cute enough. Moreover, it is printed in many styles. As I have said above, it is available sloth as Slothzilla and sloth as stripper sloth. Surely it is able to enchant your kids’ bathroom.

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Cute bathroom decoration will create happiness inside the bathroom. Happiness is something important to boost mood. Moreover, cute shower curtain is able to make the bathroom look brilliant. It looks real. For example the sloth that climbs the ESB surrounded by the planes, it seems like in the movie. The printed picture is more real. It is like 3D picture. So, it will surely make you or your kids feel pleased.

Sloth Shower Curtain in Modern Bathroom

Applying cute printed character in bathroom will be perfect in modern style of bathroom. It will match with bright bathroom decoration, like white tile backsplash. You can combine with cute bathroom furniture too, such as circular wall mirror, white ceramic washbasin, and white bath tub. It will create awesome combination that make balance and in other hand cute. Sloth shower curtain can be applied in small bathroom design. It has small size and maximum in medium. So, it is better to be installed in small bathroom.

Another printed sloth picture on the shower curtain is stripper sloth. I think it is better to be applied in teen’s bathroom because it is beautiful and cute. The color is mostly pink and magenta. Combined with white bathroom interior, it can create cheerful ambiance inside the bathroom. The stripper sloth shower curtain will be fit if installed in the modern bathroom. Because the picture is fancy enough to sign that bathroom is modern bathroom.

The quality of Polyester material is good enough and you don’t need to doubt it. Meanwhile the price is also relatively cheap, at least if you compare it with other shower curtains made of the same materials.

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