Astonishing Turquoise Shower Curtain for Small Traditional and Modern Bathroom

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turquoise and brown western shower curtain

One of the most important parts of the bathroom is shower curtain. Shower curtain has the function to cover the shower or bath tub. It gives privacy for the homeowners when they are using bathroom. There are so many colors of shower curtain. One of them is turquoise shower curtain. Actually, shower curtain is used to replace the shower case. Applying glass shower case, for instead, needs some money rather than applying shower curtain. Both have the same function but different typical.

Shower curtain is appropriately used in small bathroom. It doesn’t need most space. So if you have small bathroom, using curtain is better than using shower case (besides its economical factor). From so many color options of shower curtain, turquoise curtain maybe the one you should be noted. Turquoise is the color that represents freshness. So, it becomes the main theme of your bathroom, it will be fresher than you feel before. Many designs and motifs of shower curtain that use turquoise as the basic color. Here, I will tell you how the turquoise shower curtain can work nice in many bathroom designs.

turquoise and brown shower curtain

Traditional Design Turquoise Shower Curtain

In traditional bathroom ideas, turquoise curtain can also work well. It can make the bathroom fresher and more beautiful. Some curtain motifs will be suitable to be applied inside the traditional bathroom and make it better than before. Choose curtain with abstract motif is interesting for vintage bathroom. Abstract motif has plenty of colors that the turquoise becomes the basic color. It means abstract painting is more colorful. So it can boost the dull and bored bathroom ideas into the mesmerizing one.

You can also choose floral motif shower curtain. Floral is representing beauty and freshness. Applying shower curtain with floral motif can make the bathroom more beautiful than before. Besides flower motif, you can also choose animal motifs. Surely, the animal should be cute animal, like dragonfly for example. The basic color of the curtain is white. Meanwhile, the color of dragonflies is turquoise. Your traditional bathroom will look more alive and feel like at the beach with turquoise shower curtain.

Modern Design Turquoise Shower Curtain

Modern design of bathroom will be good in pair with modern design of shower curtain too. Modern shower curtain has modern motifs, such as ombre, chevron, and even plain. Ombre motif of shower curtain is the simplest one. It is suitable for modern and minimalist bathroom design. The mix of white and turquoise color makes beautiful gradation for the curtain. It will work well in the bathroom that emphasizes white as the main color of bathroom. Then, the turquoise becomes only accent.

turquoise and white chevron shower curtain

Chevron shower curtain motif is surely fit for modern bathroom. It makes assertive edge inside the bathroom. It deals with the modern idea of decoration that highlights on sharp edge. The combination will be pairing turquoise grey and white color. Those colors are more than enough to create stunning shower curtain.

Finally, you can also use plain shower curtain. It means plain turquoise without any motif. It supports the bathroom that is designed with simple and minimalist interior. A plain turquoise curtain is enough to make the bathroom shines brighter than before. It is minimalist but elegant. So, if you want to make your bathroom looks elegant, you should apply turquoise shower curtain.

Those are some explanations about turquoise color. In fact, turquoise has ‘magic’ power that is able to boost the appearance of bathroom better than before. It should be noted that the price of shower curtain is affordable enough. The size is commonly 72 x 72 inches with the price about $59.

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