waterproof window treatments for bathroom

waterproof window treatments for bathroom

Even though this isn’t a common case, a shower room may have a window installed too. This will help bring the natural light in the room, which is good, although a privacy problem may ensue as well. Luckily, there are some interesting solutions you can do to protect the privacy of your bathroom without losing the natural light. As for today, we will show you how the waterproof shower window curtain can always make both decorative and practical solution to address the privacy issue. Well, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Lovely Decorating Touch with Shower Window Curtains

First of all, know what the waterproof shower window curtain is first. Note that waterproof and water-resistant curtains are different. Unlike waterproof curtain, the water-resistant one will still get wet when the curtain is exposed to water for a long time. Meanwhile, the waterproof curtain is covered with a chemical repellent also offend found on waterproof outdoor wear. You can also waterproof your existing window curtain with some spray products also often used in car interiors or outdoors.

A shower window is often small in size, enough only to bring in the natural light. You can simply opt for installing a window film, frosting it with a waterproof spray, or even hanging a simple window shade. Just like when you install waterproof shower window curtain, you can always take this opportunity to infuse colors and patterns with a window shade.

The adorable café curtain is also one of the best choices of window treatments for a bathroom. Its lovely look and style can make a perfect finishing touch to evoke a sense of elegance in your bathroom. Place the café shower window curtain to cover the lower half for privacy while allowing plenty of sunlight to enter the room. When possible, leave the top half of your shower window bare.

Sheer curtain also makes a lovely choice of shower window curtain to provide the much-needed privacy while ensuring the natural light to enter the room. You can simply hang the sheer fabric of the perfect size to cover the small shower window in your bathroom. Alternatively, you may consider taking a different approach regardless of the size of the window. Well, what about hanging a longer sheer curtain panel? Considering how light and breezy the sheer curtain looks, this approach may not make even your tiny shower look cramped!

If you find privacy will not be much of an issue in your bathroom and shower room, then installing the larger windows will make a good decision to make. As this design element surely can always make a statement in your shower space, you can still take it to a new different level, thanks to waterproof shower window curtain. Hang curtains that barely graze your bathroom floor. This is a simple yet stunning treatment for an illusion that your shower windows extend to the floor as the curtains cover them. When choosing what color or pattern to use for the curtain, you can always cue from the shower room decoration as your hint, whether you wish the curtains to blend or to stand out.

For a graceful and elegant touch, hang the floor-to-ceiling curtain panels! Even if your bathroom features a more classic and minimal look, they will still do even more beautifully. And since the curtains will skim the floor, the waterproof shower window curtain will make a great choice so the fabric can always stay dry.

After all, bear in mind that bathroom is a room known for its high moisture. The waterproof shower window curtain will free you from all the hassle since the waterproof protection keeps the curtain dry all the time and preventing the awful smell, mold, and other problems related to moisture from occurring.

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