table lamps with crystals

table lamps with crystals

Table lamps may sound like rather simple decorations you can put to your room. But if you do it right, such lamps can really become a really nice part of your room design. Most people don’t really have any concern in getting such lamps. They just simply buy it and then feel disappointed because the lamps are not like what they expect. In order to make sure you can avoid such disappointment, it’s a good idea for you to learn about some of the tips in buying such lamps. Therefore, you’re going to use your money effectively without any regret later on.

Dimension of the Lamps

The most important thing about table lamps is actually not the design but the dimension. Yes, we’re talking about the height and the width of the lamp. Comprehending the dimension of the lamps will make it possible for you to learn the best placement for them. For your information, normally, table lamps are made about 24 to 31 inches for their height. You can figure out that shorter lamps can be so perfect for bedrooms while the taller lamps can be the nice option for living room. As for the width of the lamps, well, once again, it’s related to the positioning. Consider the space where you’re going to put the lamps. If you want to put the lamps on the table next to your bed, make sure the lamps are not wider than the table.

Don’t Forget to Match with the Shade

One thing which is quite often forgotten by the people when they’re trying to get table lamps is about the shade. Chances are, the people get back home with the lamps they just bought and find out that the lamps can’t fit the shade. It’s pointless to get such lamps. The lamps and the shade are two things which complement each other so you can just simply ignore one of them. If it’s necessary, bring the shade with you when you’re going to buy the lamp to make sure that you will not make any mistake in getting it. Match the shade with the lamps so you will not waste your money.

How Many Lamps to Get

The amount of the lamps is also something that must become the part of your consideration. If you have big room, getting more than just one lamp is fine. Having multiple table lamps can surely give better interest towards the design of the room.

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