basement organization storage ideas

basement organization storage ideas

What can you tell about basement organization ideas in your house? I believe that most of people will think that it will be exhausting or even boring. Well, that can be true, especially if your basement is already full of unused stuffs stacked years after years. But for how long you will keep it in such a mess? Someday you will have to enter your basement to find for stuff which you remember was down there somewhere. I believe that it will be more than just a short struggle to find stuff you are looking for.

Move on! You will absolutely need inspiration and motivation to save your basement from the chaos. Here some tips you can have to help you change your basement into more organized storage room or even extra work room to fill up your activity schedule.

  1. Declutter your messy basement by separating the stuffs you will need in the future with things you don’t need anymore

At the first time you enter your messy basement you may feel that it is likely impossible to organize. Switch that paradigm. No matter how chaotic it is, you can absolutely change it into a better room. Go find some help from your family or friends if you think it is too hard for yourself. Motivate yourself with positive plan and you will regain your confidence.

First thing to do is to ensure you get enough lighting and air in case you need to lift and move some heavy things. For your safety using a mask, boots and gloves are recommended to avoid any accident. Get vacuum cleaner to clean the dusts on everything so you can organized your basement more comfortably later.

The best thing to do earlier is to create space in certain part of your basement to build shelves or to place one if you have already had shelves in your basement. All you need is clean empty shelves so you can later put things organized on it. Make sure the shelves are fit and strong enough to hold baskets or containers you have already had or planned to be used for small stuffs storage. Shelves made of fine plywood or metal is highly recommended.

Then you can start separating things into two groups. The first group is for stuff you will need in the future and the rest is those you think you will not use it anymore.

  1. Plan your basement future utilization

The future plan of your basement use is important since it can be wide enough for just a storage room. Some people plan to use their basement for their extra workroom. Make sure you have allocated enough space for the storage needs then you can see whether you can add other possible functions of the room or not.

If you have limited space, it is better to postpone the extra room plan. You should use the basement for storage room only with any available space is prepared for future new inventories.

  1. Organize using baskets, boxes, shelves, and wire racks on the wall

Scattered small items cost you more time to organize in the future. The best bet to solve the problems is to keep them in one place. Using box or basket is recommended in this way. Just make sure you keep them grouped under the same category, for example things for cooking, stationery, metal stuffs, or any other possibility of categorization in order to keep them well organized as well so that you will not have future problems to find the stuffs down there.

Utilizing your wall with wire racks for tools is worth to try since it can safe your space in a fancy way. You can put the baskets or boxes on the shelves to keep your space well managed for other stuffs. Plastic basket is more recommended than cardboard boxes for the wet and humid condition your basement can have.

  1. Put labels and inventory information

Do not forget to put some labels or inventory information on the separated and boxed items to help you in the future if you are looking for them.

  1. Take out stuffs that cannot be stored well inside your basement.

You should not store stuffs made from papers like books, bills, newspapers, magazines, photos, or cardboard boxes due to the humidity concern in the basement. In addition to that, metals which are prone to rusting and fabrics are also included to be items you should not store in your basement. However, those basement organization ideas are expected to be helpful depends on how motivated you are to organize it.

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