curtain rod extender walmart

curtain rod extender walmart

Ideally, a curtain rod is supposed to extend beyond the window. This way, the window curtain can cover your window fully. Even so, there might be some problem arising since your curtain rods are apparently too short. To help you solve this particular decorating problem, the curtain rod extender will always make the right choice of tool to use. A rod extender is designed to fit between the two ends of the curtain rods so you can thus create a longer one. Today, we will talk about the extenders for your curtain rods you need to know first. Read on!

Preparing the Curtain Rod and Extender

When installing the curtain rod extender, you will need to pull the rod apart first. Firmly grab the curtain rod and then tug until the two parts finally slide and separate, and continue pulling it all away so you have two separate pieces in hand. If your window curtain rod gets stuck and cannot get separated because it’s bent, you can deal with it by simply straightening the rod gently with your hands and try again.

If there is any visible rust spotted on your window curtain rod, it is highly advised for you to replace it. It is because of the rust will stain your window curtains over time, which surely will result in an unsightly spots eventually. If your curtain rod gets stuck instead, you can simply use some spray lubricant product in a small amount to solve it. Alternatively, run your rod under hot water. Clean it using water and dish soap, and then rinse it thoroughly. Dry the rod well when you finally get it apart.

The next step is to prepare the curtain rod extender, which is usually consisted of a curtain rod in standard size that is designed to fit perfectly into the two ends of a rod. This is why the two curtain rods thus can be connected. The length of an extender is typically 28 inches, meaning that it can lengthen the standard curtain rod by about 2 feet. We highly recommend you to insert at least 2 inches of every end of your rod extender into the ends of your original curtain rod. That way, the 28” extender thus can provide an optimum of 24” increased to the initial length. A support hook usually also comes along with the extender and is used to help you hold the rod extender.

The support hook hooks under your rod and screws in at the level. This tool is to provide the extra support for a long curtain rod, since a long rod or one with considerable weight to hold may sag or bow in the middle. Such support is required to prevent that from happening. In a long run, the sagging rod will bend the curtain rod and then crook the curtains hanging on the rod. Finally, the sagging rod will pull the mounting hardware used to install the curtain rod out of your wall. That being said, always takes a minute or two to securely screw in the support hook. The hook can also be purchased from the hardware store if the rod extender you have bought doesn’t

Installing Curtain Rod Extender

To install curtain rod extender, you need to insert it inside one of the ends of your original curtain rod. Since the curtain rod extender is designed to be slightly smaller, yours will easily slide inside of the original rod. Push the rod extender for 2 inches at least so it can hold in place. And then, slide the free half of your original rod onto the other end of your extender… and voila! Now you have a lengthened rod you can install and use as soon as possible. Now, adjust the length until it finally reaches any length you desire by sliding the curtain rod gently on the extender rod.

As you may have noticed, using the curtain rod extender makes the practical solution if you ever need to lengthen your existing curtain rods. This makes a more preferred solution if the custom-made curtain rods are too expensive for you.

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