expandable curved shower curtain rod

expandable curved shower curtain rod

The standard straight window curtain rods are indeed the most commonly found options the various stores offer. Even so, they surely will not be a perfect fit and match if your interior room has bay windows. Its unusual feature creates a distinct look that often makes this design element a focal point in a room. If your room has a bay window, then the curved window curtain rod will be the most perfect pair to decorate it. Today, we will take you to see some inspiring ideas featuring the curved curtain rod and beautiful choice of window curtain to decorate your room!

Charming Curved Curtain Rod for Your Bay Windows

A curtain rod ideally will bend, following the design and shape of the window. Even so, this turns out pretty difficult to do. This is why the curved window curtain rod makes a most practical solution for you to install. Now, let’s see how the curved rod for your windows can always be paired with any curtain designs and styles of your dream.

If you do not plan on opening and closing the windows, a single large curtain will make a wonderful choice, although you may still want to pull the fabric to the sides so the view and sunlight can enter the room. Alternatively, if you have large bay windows that go nearly all the way up towards the ceiling, use long curtains instead. This means you will need not only a curved window curtain rod for each window making up the bay windows, but also one curtain for each. We find this a more preferable solution if you wish to pull the curtain to the sides without sacrificing the visual aesthetic.

Flaunt the unique beauty of bay windows in bedroom by choosing the right window curtain rod and curtain fabric! In a bedroom, bay windows can offer a wonderful opportunity for you to embrace the comfort and charm or a reading nook. You can also use the space as a small seating area that will also pamper you with an amazing view seen through the windows!

Bay windows are also seemingly a common architectural feature added to a dining room. Be it an old house that embraces the classic design style or a more modern residence, the bay windows can always add a delicate and smooth curve that will always contrast the more angular structure. This will help soften the look, thus incorporating a perfect additional dose of coziness throughout the space. The curved window curtain rod will easily help creating such a visual impression, while expanding the room, even if it’s just a little bit.

Install a fake ceiling on the area with bay windows so you can hide the curved window curtain rod. This can easily make a simple yet dramatic and elegant touch while the window curtains of your choosing can look extra stunning right away. And speaking the curtains, hanging only two makes a great solution if you wish to stick to symmetry. After all, keeping the look symmetrical makes one of the easiest decorating solutions in every room! This is also a decorating strategy that will work beautifully in both modern and traditional interiors.

Aside from the window curtains, you can also add valance to ensure that things will run elegant and smoothly. Even so, bear in mind that this is a feature best fitting in a more traditional setting. You can also hang the curtains on the curved window curtain rod while using window shades at the same time. This makes a great solution if the privacy of the room where the bay windows present may be disrupted.

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