DIY Tips on Installing Replacement Windows

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Installing new windows will help to make a house even more energy efficient and enhance its look. However, lots of house owners are reluctant to replace the windows due to the cost of the window plus the installation costs.

Replacement windows are mainly designed to fit correctly into the existing window frames, though. They are different to new construction windows, which has nailed the flange around the outer part of the window frame which needs removing the outer part trim in order to mount the window. In this case, replacement windows are usually installed from the inside part and do not need removing any exterior stucco or trim.

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First off, you need to decide on the material and style that you want for the new windows. For sure, replacement windows are constructed from wood, vinyl, or composite and are generally available in literally any style, such as single hung, double hung, and casement.

You need to measure the width and height of the existing windows. Measure the width in a jamb-to-jamb step, or side to side, right at the top, bottom, and middle of your window. Measure the height from window sill to the top part of the window at the left part, the right and middle side. To ascertain the replacement window will fit into your window frame, you can use the smallest measurements for both width and height. Next, you have to order the replacement windows with the measurements in hands.

Decide that your windowsill is free of any possible wood rot and solid. It does not make any sense for installing replacement windows into rotten frame. Remove the inside stops carefully of the existing window. You can always use them again if you want to install the replacement window.

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Remove the window sashes (cutting through the nails holding them together in) and then clean up the window frame. At this point, you need to remove any of the old caulk and then drive in or just pull out any nails in.

Installation of the Replacement Window

You need to check so as to ensure window will fit actually into the hole by putting it into the frame and remove it. Afterward, run bead of caulk along the edge, inside one, of the outside window stop and also along the sill. You should place the window back right in the center of window frame and ensure that it is square a plumb. You may use a level for the plumb and measure diagonally from one corner to another (both ways) so as to check that it is perfectly square. Shimming the window is needed to keep it set together.

The last part require reinstalling the inside stops by using new 1 ½ inch nails and then set the nails. You should caulk where the stops met window frame. Check the outside part of the window. Make sure you check the outside of your window. This should come with sloped frame to fit the slope of the sill, or it will come with insert which you use for covering the gap. If you see neither of these, you can just cover the gap with one piece of wood. Be sure to caulk the seams where the insert is against the framing.

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