Drywall Crack, How to Fix It Just Like A Professional

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drywall cracks around windows and doors

For those of you who have such kind of old house or maybe you just have a building that is constructed recently, it is very common about Drywall Crack problem. Drywall Crack, the dent, and hole are not properly to be maintained at the old house but for buying the new one will also spend money on it. Therefore, to solve this problem, you need to diagnose first about the problem cause of cracks. Drywall Crack usually happens due to the shrinking of building after having installation. Actually this can be repaired by controlling the level air humidity. There four steps tips that can you do for this.

Step 1

drywall cracks causes

The step one is started by using the knife that can be done by you to widen the Drywall Crack. This is done due to get allowing for more area surface to get easier joint compound. When you have widened the crack itself, then you can fill it by using the joint compound.

Step 2

After having done for the step one, you can do the next step; it is by cutting the tape of joint for around 1 inch longer if compared with the length of the Drywall Crack. Besides, you also need to embed it compound thoroughly to over of track by using the tapping knife with 6 inches wide in order to be able to spread the smooth compound. To joining this, people professional usually recommends for using a thin of tape paper that is perforated, or just using a fiberglass is also a good choice.

drywall cracks in ceiling

Step 3

After having done for the second step Drywall Crack, you can try to apply the second compound of coat in which it can be done by extending for about 6 inches further for the two sides that can be started to the place where the coat is leaving off. After do the drying and lightly for the patch sand, you can apply the third coat that must be lighter if compare with the second coat used and it also should extend than the second coat of the first coat used to be.

Step 4

Step 4 is the last step after having dried for all the mud in the step 3, the next of Drywall Crack reparation can be done by applying sand with the grit of sanding block for feathering all the edge so that it can run over the patch in a smooth way. Make it running smoothly so that it can create the perfect result for you. After that, a Drywall Crack, you apply the paint by using the brush painting and roller.

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