Enchanting 3 Leg Floor Lamp for Comfy Living Room

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You really should purchase the famous 3 leg floor lamp to create new atmosphere at your house. This furniture could give you many benefits because of its gorgeous design. It could be served for great decoration for your living room as well. The lighting tool could be placed on minimalist living room with small spaces. It will look very great if you place it near your comfortable armchair. Not only in minimalist style, the floor lamps also come in rustic and vintage style as well.

Before buying this lamp, there are some essential things which you should remember. These tips will help you get the best 3 leg floor lamp for your living room. First of all, you should decide what kind of color theme to be generated on your living room. You could go whether bold or calm depends on your color preference. For small living room, calm color nuance is highly recommended. The soft color mood will makes limited spaces look comfier and cleaner. You could choose white as the main color theme for this soft color theme in living room.

three legged floor lamp

Fascinating 3 Leg Floor Lamp

Second tip for choosing the floor lamp: go with white color theme. Definitely, white floor lamp becomes very popular choice for minimalist room. This color could be considered as neutral choice so it could be matched with all of color theme. Either softer or bolder color mood, the white lamp will always looks chic. If you love pastel color theme, you could bring this floor lamp into your living room. Combine the modern floor lamp with minimalist armchair and abstract painting. For both armchair and painting, you could choose products with cream color theme.

If you search on the internet, you could find many interesting offer for 3 leg floor lamp. One of greatest offer comes from Target with its Tripod Floor Lamp. The product has wonderful white shade with brass legs. This floor lamp is good example of modern and rustic combination. While the white shade looks very modern, its three legs come with antique style. If you purchase this floor lamp this day, you could enjoy special price for only US$ 75.99. From this product’s review, it seems that all of the consumers feel satisfy with its performance.

Useful 3 Leg Floor Lamp

The third tips for choosing the best floor lamp, you could choose product with unique materials. For instance, you could look at another Target’s floor lamp product. This lamp has the same white shade just like the previous floor lamp. However, its tripod legs made of wonderful oak wood. The legs have dark brown finishing which looks very elegant. If you put it on your living room, the floor lamp will generate warm atmosphere. It could be used to create more traditional feels at living room as well.

3 leg wooden floor lamp

The floor lamp with wooden legs has the same price as with the brass leg product. So, if you have that amount of money, you could decide which one will look best on your living room.  Moreover, the lamp shades could be costumed based on your request. You may get different color for those shades, for instance black, dark green, navy blue, and many more. More sophisticated feels will be generated if you choose metal shades which come in more luxury color options: chrome, gold, and silver.

If you also need some spaces to store your book collections, you should purchase the Catalina Lighting. Between its legs, the manufacturer smartly inserted two racks which could be used to put books or small vases. All of the legs and racks are furnished in elegant black color, while the shade comes in broken white color. Definitely, this 3 leg floor lamp will bring joyous feels at your house.

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