Fascinating Peel and Stick Granite Countertops to Boost Kitchen Appearance

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Remodeling kitchen can be done efficiency by changing the countertop. But, instead of applying a high-cost and expensive countertop, like granite, it is more affordable to use vinyl or laminate countertop. You are also offered to apply the peel and stick granite countertops in your kitchen. It is one kind of laminate countertop. Granite countertop looks mesmerizing and luxury and in the other hand it is very expensive. So, if you want to save more budgets, that kind of countertop (peel and stick) is the best choice.

Peel and stick countertop is also known as instant countertop. It is available in some design options. There are available in granite design, marble design, and stone design. You can choose one that you need most. In this case we are going to discuss about peel and stick granite countertops. Granite-look countertop is chosen because some reasons. The design of granite is more luxury and elegant rather than marble or stone. Another reason is the price of granite if far more expensive than its ‘imitation’.

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The quality of peel and stick countertop

Instant or peel and stick granite countertops have some advantage. It makes a lot of people are never doubt the quality. Once you buy the instant countertop you will get the first and main benefit which is true-to-actual product. It means the peel and stick granite countertops are almost the same with the real granite apparently. Usually, the laminate or vinyl countertop is made by professional graphic designers that make the granite, marble, or stone designs in computer. It assumes a good and high resolution design of granite. When it is printed, the result will look like the real design.

It is easy to install and easy to remove. Yes, the instant laminate or vinyl countertop is removable. It is also usually had the fade resistant. Even, you can remove the countertop some years after you install the countertop and it won’t damage the countertops. If you want to refresh the kitchen appearance every year, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and doing hard project. You only need to remove old laminate countertop and then replace it with the new design that you want. All you do will be cheap and easy.

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Redesign kitchen with peel and stick countertop

Redesigning kitchen would be a hard and long project. It would need high budget too. But, since you get the laminate or vinyl countertop, that project becomes cheaper, easier and not longer. Moreover, you are free to choose the design of laminate floor that you want to install. It is available in some motifs, such as granite and its kinds, marble and its kind, and stone and its kind. The laminate countertop can also be used in the bathroom or other places that presenting countertop.

In this article, we will show you the easy thing that you must do to redesign your kitchen. The first thing you should do is preparing all the tools you will need. There are sandpaper, degreaser, sponge, snap-chalk, measuring tape, razor blade, tile adhesive, and caulk. Sandpaper is used before the laminate or vinyl countertop installed. You can use the sandpaper to smooth the countertop surface before installing it using peel and stick granite countertops.

Tile adhesive is used to patch the vinyl or laminate on to the countertop. Before doing it, you must measure the large of surface and cut the laminate countertop based on the surface size using razor blade. Finally, use the silicone caulk to seal off the edge. It can also prevent unwanted moisture underneath the countertop that can confront the adhesive.

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