Getting Closer to Refrigerant Reclamation

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refrigerant reclamation equipment

Have you ever heard the term of Refrigerant reclamation? Do you know this term? Perhaps, just a few people are known about the terminology. For common people, this term is so weird. Refrigerant of reclamation is known as a process which is taken to remove the old Freon from a cooling system and at the same time, it also process said gas to a purity level so the Freon could be resold. Since 1990, especially since the Clean Air Act, the government of the United States has required that all of the used cooling gasses should be processed by the reputable, reliable, and certified declaimers which are licensed by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The gasses should be delivered and recovered to specific processing facility by the technicians from EPA.

Freon is known to be used around the world and this can be got in many devices, such as: central air conditioning systems (HVAC), refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. When the Freon system is broken or needs a service, there is a risk in which there are some gasses which are released freely in the atmosphere. Besides that, the gas misuse also delivers the bad effect for the Ozone layer therefore training from the expert about Refrigerant reclamation is a must from the certified technicians from EPA.

refrigerant reclamation facility


In the process of Refrigerant reclamation, the EPA defines a recycling of coolant as reprocessing refrigerant to the level of purity which is specified in the government which is established codes. Besides that, to verify this purity, there is an analytical methodology that can be used. It means that when the technicians use coolant should be reprocessed to the precise purity levels for newly sold coolant.

This point is needed to protect the used coolant purity in order to prevent the damage which can be occurred to the systems utilizing this product. The damage of equipment in the process of refrigerant reclamation is going to result in a loss to consumers who want result in the consumer confidence reduction.

refrigerant reclamation companies

Dangers of Exposure

Freon consists of chemical materials which are known as fluorinated hydrocarbons which are nearly tasteless and odorless gas. When the fluorinated hydrocarbons are deeply inhaled, it may cut oxygen off to your blood cells and lungs. Limited exposure, like breathing near a spill on your skin or an open container is just mildly harmful. Therefore, you must be careful in doing the refrigerant reclamation.

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