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Automatic gates are where practicality and safety start from your building entrance. Entrances for commercial and industrial sites and for flat block can actually be automated by choosing from various automatic gates DITEC, to ensure reliability in long term, smart look and style and superbly mix within the gate style. There are a lot of choices for the gates from underground actuators to elaborate actuators which are available to choose. Among all of them, DITEC gives the best offer and we recommend you to choose it.

 Product Details

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DITEC offers you automatic sliding gates with flexible automation to manage wide range of frame dimensions, different duty types and environmental conditions. Surely, the automatic gates offer is ideal for many industrial communities and sites. The new automation from DITEC Neos satisfies numerous private requirements so the gates will be proper for your need. When choosing the motor, you need to consider the main factor such as the weight and the wing length depending on certain case. Here Neos comes with 2 cases bringing the same gate design including small case for versions of 300 & 400 kg and large case for versions of 600 & 1.000 kg.

Technical Features

Based on the technical features, the automatic gates from DITEC is versatile. A complete function for all commercial and residential applications ensures an ideal gate for your home. The technology allows it to operate with the gates that are 1.000 kg and designed for environmental conditions and intense usage. There is a control panel integrated within the gear motor to provide many choices of the advanced functions. Furthermore, it is quick and easy to install.

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Safety becomes a highlighted point toward this kind of automatic gates. Speed and position are managed with complete safety due to the magnetic switches and virtual encoder. DITEC neo features maximum protection of moving parts and internal while the motor has 24 V DC. For the NeoS+ versions, they offer an external display of LED and a battery pack for comfort and safety.

People will choose certain product by seeing the design it brings. The DITEC Neo comes brings innovative and pleasant aesthetics for any environments. Definitely, DITEC has a new different design with a high tech combination of two colors (metallic grey and graphite gray). Its intelligent installation and compact sizes ensure a presence of Neos within your property. With the combination features existing in the product, you will get stunning automatic gates for your need.

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