grey and turquoise chevron curtains

grey and turquoise chevron curtains

It is time to bring fresh atmosphere at your house with grey and turquoise curtains. This color theme is rarely chosen by house owners because it is not quite popular yet. However, this color combination could bring uniqueness values into your house and makes it looks different from others. Both turquoise and grey are considered as cool color which could bring calmer nuance at house. Those two colors really complement each other. The shiny turquoise will look softer if it is combined with grey color.

You could choose which color you want to looks dominant between turquoise and grey. Of course you could choose balance options as well. If you want the grey color to dominate, you could pick striped grey curtains with turquoise color on the upper part. This curtain has light turquoise color which looks very fresh. The grey color also has soft color tone that really complements the other color. You may hang this pretty curtain on bronze curtain rod that could be bought from $28.70 on Walmart.

How about the room arrangement to support this curtain? Soft color theme should be generated on the walls so that the turquoise color will looks more dazzling. You could pick light yellow for the main color theme. Cream color could be picked as well to replace the yellow color tone. Around the curtain, you could place some white furniture such as drawer and small table. On the top of this furniture you could place some stuffs with turquoise color theme. For example, you could place table lamp with darker turquoise shade or mint-colored frame.

Funny Grey and Turquoise Curtains

More natural theme could be generated with more dominant turquoise color. These grey and turquoise curtains could be hanged on half round-styled window which often being used for leisure time at house. You should pick white colored window with small glass panels. Under this half-round window, you could arrange two white armchairs with matching coffee table. Don’t forget to put yellow cushions on each chair so it will be completely comfortable. The yellow color tone from the cushion will add more cheerful atmosphere combined with your turquoise curtains.

People who love flowery pattern will really adore these grey and turquoise curtains. Instead of plain or stripe, this curtain featured beautiful floral pattern which could make your living room seems more convenient. This floral curtain will be suitable to be hanged on small white window. It is made of thin fabric which looks light and smooth. During daylight, this curtain will look awesome with sunlight which seeps into this light fabric. Definitely, curtains in grey and turquoise colors will be perfect choice for summer time. You could hang this fresh curtain all around your house and let the summer sunshine entering your house!

Soft Grey and Turquoise Curtains

If you search for the same light curtain for summer time, you may get what you want on Walmart. A turquoise and grey curtain with soft color tone and diamond pattern could be purchased for only $12.97. This curtain will look best if you have grey-colored wall at your home. White curtain rod could be matched with these dazzling fresh curtains. You could choose natural-colored curtain rod as well such as dark green or dark brown.

Different from previous product, this curtain will be suitable for autumn time. The Exclusive Home Neptune Curtain from Target featured darker turquoise and grey color scheme. Its price range starts from $30.86 to $46.79. This curtain has turquoise color as its color base and checked white for the details. Definitely, this grey and turquoise curtains will make your living room seems fresh and cleaner.

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