where to buy magnetic curtain rods

where to buy magnetic curtain rods

Metal or steel doors and windows provide the better stability and security. Even so, the problem related to the privacy is how unsuitable the regular curtain cords are to be installed on the metal doors or windows. To help you address this issue, the magnetic curtain rods will make the greatest choice of tool so you can still benefit from the privacy while decorating the interior by using any color or pattern you like at the same time. What we will discuss below is related to this particular curtain rod type. Read on!

Pros and Cons of Magnetic Curtain Rods

Contrary to their traditional counterparts, the magnetic curtain rods are really easy to install, remove, and adjust. You do not need to drill or nail when putting them up, meaning that there will be no holes to cover or fill up if you ever need to take the rods down. In addition to that, moving the rods from one setting to another typically will only require you just a little more than a steady tug at the point of attachment. It is because of the magnets in the curtain rods, which are designed to be long lasting and strong. It is also easy to adjust the length and adjusting the rods can be done with no fuss over and over again!

However, there are some disadvantages you need to aware of related to the magnetic curtain rods. Obviously, this type of curtain rod is useful only when there’s a metal base for the magnetic rods to stick to. Hence, it goes without saying that the rods will be ineffective if you don’t have metal doors or windows at home. In addition to that, the choices related to the style for the magnetic rods are much less compared to the conventional counterparts.

The bases of the magnetic curtain rods are also vary in terms of the magnetic strength. Hence, if you wish to use the rods to hang very heavy curtains, you surely need to make sure that the rods you are buying are with the strongest magnets. That being said, this also means the more expensive and more difficult to come by option as well. In general, the magnetic rods are costlier than the traditional ones, and the price may be an even bigger issue if the curtains to hang are particularly heavy.

Hanging Magnetic Curtain Rods in the Room

If you finally decide to hang the magnetic rods for curtainat home, the brief guidelines below will be truly useful to help you. You will also need level, curtains, and measuring tape, aside from the rods. Here are the directions.

  1. Decide if you’d like the curtains to be only on a rod at the top or secured at both the top and bottom using sash rods. The applications of sash-style rods will help you keep your window curtains from flapping whenever the door is closed or opened.
  2. Measure the height and width of your window or door since the magnetic brackers are attached at the outside the door or window molding. Hence, include the space to the outer edges of molding too in your measurement. For this purpose, we highly recommend you to buy magnetic curtain rods that will adjust to the desired width.
  3. Place a magnetic bracket on every side of your door or window at its top corners. Simply refer to the initial placement since they’re easy to reposition. Through the upper casing of your curtain, insert the rod section and position the ends of the curtain rods in the brackets.

Position a level past the top of the curtain rod. Reposition the brackets until your rod is level. If you decide to install a lower sash rod too, insert the rod into the casing of your lower curtain before assembling the magnetic ends on the curtain rod. Position it on your window or door.

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