Marble Countertops Benefits and How to Clean It Up

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In your kitchen, marble countertops will be a good idea to apply. Countertop functions to make your kitchen easy to clean and look better. So, you need to apply it. Actually, countertops can be made from different materials such as marble, granite, glass, and there are still many other materials for your kitchen countertops. However, in this article I suggest you to choose marble. If you are interested in it, you need to pay attention to the following discussion.

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Marble Countertop Benefits

Marble is one of the most recommended materials for countertop. It is because marble countertop material has many benefits. For the look, it looks light & happy. It means your kitchen will look enjoyable and comfortable with marble countertops. Besides that, it will also make foods p your countertops look good. The foods will look fresh and tastier on your countertops that are made from marble. So, you have to prioritize choosing marble for your kitchen countertop material.

If you apply kitchen countertops with marble material, you can also apply any style in your kitchen. In fact, this will be appropriate for any kitchen style. Even more, it will never go out of kitchen style. Whether you choose honed marble or polished marble, it does not matter. Then, the benefits also relate to the maintenance. It means marble countertops are easy to clean. So, you can maintain it more easily. Considering the benefits above, you need to consider applying kitchen countertops that are made of marble.

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Marble Countertop Cleaning Tips

To keep your kitchen countertops clean, you have to know how to clean it. There are 2 important tips that you need to follow. The first way is to take a bottle of clean spray. After that, you should fill it with water based cleaner. Then, you can clean your marble countertops by spraying the cleaner on the countertops evenly and sweep it using a dry cloth. You can also replace the cleaner with pH neutral cleaner that will be safe for marble kitchen countertops.

The second way to clean up your kitchen countertops that are made from marble is using a soft damp cloth. This will be very effective to remove any stain on your kitchen countertops effectively without breaking it. I suggest you to choose chamois or microfiber cloth that has is soft and does not damage your marble countertops. Hopefully this will be a good reference for you who consider marble material for your kitchen countertops.

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