navy blue striped curtain panels

navy blue striped curtain panels

When it comes to using colors in a room, you can always try stripes to add a bold look with varying shades. With stripes, you can thus bring at least two different colors or shades in the room, thus creating an interior design of your dream which decoration meets your personal design preference. As for today, we will take you to see the lovely ideas of using this pattern in a room through curtains in two colors to combine: navy blue and white. Keep reading to explore inspiring navy and white striped curtains as your reference.

What Striped Curtains Can Do to Your Room

First of all, using stripes may sound like a truly simple idea. Even so, you can explore various ways to affect the interior as a whole, both visually and aesthetically. For example, note that the navy and white striped curtains with wide stripes will result in a different visual effect compared to those with thinner stripes. Given the contrasting nature of navy blue and white, using them in wide stripes may give you a bold, dramatic result for an impressive backdrop in the room.

In addition to that, did you know that stripes can also establish an effective illusion that will change the size and look of a space greatly? Considering how this particular pattern is so directional, either up and down or left and right, which direction the stripes are heading to will draw the eyes quickly. For instance, if you opt for vertical stripes for the interior curtain, then the pattern will draw the eye up, making them an ideal choice if you wish to add height to the room. This is a good idea for a space with low ceiling. Plus, you can also flaunt the height of the tall windows with vertical stripes. On the other hand, the navy and white striped curtains with horizontal stripes will make an excellent choice for a smaller room as the pattern will help widen it visually.

In a busy space, the stripes can also bring harmony. After all, stripes are a simple pattern, featuring parallel lines. This way, you may not find it difficult for your choice of navy and white striped curtains to get along with other graphics hung on the wall easily. This is one of the main reasons why striped walls make a fun yet effective way to spice things up in the room without going overboard.

Gorgeous Striped Curtains

In a room where floral prints dominate the decoration, for example, the striped accent will help you ground those organic lines while pulling the various prints together. Alternatively, your room interior design might be dominated by solids, which may also seem disjointed without anything to anchor those colors. If you mainly use navy blue and white as the main interior color scheme, the navy and white striped curtains will make a design element to unify the space effortlessly.

Typically, the navy and white striped curtains are used in a room that is dominated in this color palette, such as the boy’s bedroom. You may be tempted to use this color combination in a navy or nautical themed room as well. Whichever your choice is, always be sure that the colors shown on the window curtains will never look out of place.

Navy will make a great alternative if you prefer to go neutral with your interior color palette, but the traditional black and white interior isn’t to your liking. Navy blue may create the similar visual impression black color conveys, however you can also benefit from the nature of blue as a soothing, calming hue for a more relaxing vibe to flow throughout the space.

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