Painting Fencings Rules for Fancy Purpose

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Recreating your old fencings does not always go with replacing the materials with the new but you can do the easier and effective one by doing Painting Fencings. The way you do it is simply replacing the base colors with the new one which means you only have to paint it again with another different color. Even though it seems easy to do but actually you need several things to be prepared first so it will help your work. After get all stuff you need you have to follow several steps so your fencings will done successfully.

Tools You Will Need

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Before you do Painting Fencings, you have to prepare several things. This stuff will help you to create your idea. Re-coloring fencings means you have to clean up the fencing from its old colors and to plane it away. Thus, you will need sanding block and paint scraper to clean it up. Bucket is needed to accommodate your cleaning activity while glove will protect your hand from any scratches or sharp materials.

After that you still need to prepare the paint. The fact is painting is not easy. You have to mix some liquid with others to create right composition of tint liquid so it will look harmoniously on the board. You will need polytuf, cleaner plastic drops sheet, grit timber sandpaper, gloss slate exterior paint. You can gather all stuff and starts to paint your fencings. Painting Fencings can be done into two steps which are by spraying and brushing. Wooden fencing will look better with both those painting techniques.

Painting Techniques: Spraying and Brushing

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Painting Fencings can be done by spraying or brushing. Each of technique shows different difficulty but still showing same best result. When you ready to paint your fencing, you have to protect all stuff that stays behind the fencing like garden or bikes. You have to cover it up or move it away so it will not get painted too. After cleaning the area you can use wire brush. It helps you to remove any rough surface. It can be an anti-moss solution for mold problem as well.

Then, start painting by brushing the fencing starting on the bottom that runs along to your fence surface. You can use vertical roller to reaches upper area. With roller you can do up and down painting movement. If you are prefer to choose spray gun then you to read the instruction firstly. You can move the spray gun to the surface directly and doing up and down movement easily. You have to release your finger from the trigger. It can help you to reach the top and bottom area. You can continue to do this until all surfaces is done. Painting Fencings with colorful tones will give a fancy fencing look.

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