pink tiered ruffle curtains

pink tiered ruffle curtains

If you love Princess Aurora, you should have pink ruffle curtains at your bedroom. Most of girls dream to be beautiful princess living in magnificent castle. You may live in common house or even small apartments, but that will not stop you to pursue your dream! Now, you can wake up every day at your own bedroom and feel like a princess! All that you need to do is go to furniture shop and purchase sweet pink curtain with beautiful ruffle details! Certainly, this new idea will bring fresh atmosphere at your bedroom.

You will be surprised to see how simple pink ruffle curtains can make big difference at your small bedroom. Moreover, there are many curtain options you could choose for your room. If you really want to have a princess bedroom, you could go with pale pink curtains. Its ruffle details make this pink curtain looks more girly and pretty!  You could hang these beautiful pieces at your room’s window. More girly feels will be generated if you have white color theme. Combined with the pink curtain, this minimalist color scheme will look very dazzling.

Magical Pink Ruffle Curtains

More pastel color scheme could be generated with different room color theme. If you get bored with white color for bedroom wall, you could choose cream or light yellow. Once you get your desirable room color theme for your room, you should choose exact furniture to get apply princess bedroom idea. You could start from canopy bed which will be owned by real princess. Choose canopy bed with the same pink curtains so your bedroom will looks really beautiful. White curtains could be selected too instead of the pink one. However, you should get a set of pink color bedspread.

Princess bedroom should have proper drawer and wardrobe too. You could get matching bedroom furniture with French style. For instance, white small drawer with French style which will make your bedroom looks more fascinating. The small drawer featured three levels of racks to keep your belonging. You could keep your underwear in here too. On the top of this drawer, you could place books or vases. Pick a pink tablecloth to cover the drawer top so that it looks match with your pink curtain. As for the white wardrobe, you could pick the one with attached mirror on the outside door.

A princess will always bath in style. Not only your bedroom, bathroom area should be decorated properly as well. You may choose the same French style for your bathtub. This French style could be easily noticed from featured legs on the bottom of bathtub. If you are lucky enough, you could find special pink bathtub on the furniture shop. However, the pink bathtub could be substituted with pink ruffle curtains. Of course the materials used for this purpose are different from your bedroom. Good pink bathroom curtain is made of waterproof material to ensure its quality.

Chic Pink Ruffle Curtains

Where is the best place to get pink curtain? If you have much time, you could go to textile shop and choose from many available fabrics. You could go to your favorite tailor and ask him/her to sew that fabric into beautiful curtain with ruffle. However, you could just buy the pink curtain products on the internet as well.

One of best online shop to purchase curtain named House of Hampton. In here, you could get pretty curtain with good quality and affordable prices. For example, a set of pink curtains with ruffle could be purchased for only US$ 35.00. With that price, you will get two pieces of beautiful curtains. Definitely, those curtains will hang gracefully at your bedroom’s window.

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