sidelight window sheer curtains

sidelight window sheer curtains

Curtain is obviously one of the most important things in the home. It provides protection for your privacy as well as gives additional decorative element inside your home. The curtain also protects the furniture inside your home. Almost much of furniture is irresistible to the UV ray from the sun. By applying curtain, your furniture will be more durable. Today, there are many curtains. At least it is differentiated by the function and the position where the curtain installed.

Usually, curtain is applied in the room that quite large, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen and etc. Curtain is also useful for the sidelight window on the both sides of the door. It is famously known as sidelight window curtains. That curtain is different with other curtain design. By the size it is different and by the design it is also mostly different. So, you must prepare that sidelight curtain separated from other designs of curtain, like living room curtain or bathroom curtain.

Applying Curtain on Sidelight Window

The size of sidelight window curtains is a lot. It starts from the smallest to the largest one. The size is commonly measured by inch. So, the smallest curtain is 30” L meanwhile the largest one is 72” L. There are many sizes between them. You must measure your sidelight window first before buy the curtain. The price of that kind of curtain is actually quite inexpensive. The price range is started from about $8.00 to $13.00 at once. The price is influenced by some factors, such as size and material of the curtain. Best material of curtain offered by many stores is commonly polyester.

Curtain can also mean decorative. When you install curtain in such rooms inside your home, the decorative aspect must be calculated. Choosing the design of sidelight window curtains could be significant enough, especially if you want to get awesome look of the front door. If your door is painted white, it is better to apply curtain with vivid colors, such as white, beige, yellow, etc. The curtain can help to enchant your porch area or even mudroom behind the front door with some stunning decoration.

Getting inexpensive sidelight window curtains

Actually, using curtain to veil the sidelight window is the cheapest way to get your privacy from the door. The window is important enough to your home getting enough sunlight. In the other hand it also reduces your privacy, especially at night. Then the curtain is very cheap way to solve that problem. It can be open at the day and closed at the night by easy. You don’t need to open your door all day long to get light inside your home obviously.

To get inexpensive price of curtain, you can reuse the unused curtain you have in the storage. All you need may only quite of creativity. Cut up the curtain appropriate to the size of the sidelight window you have. A large living room curtain can create a package of sidelight window curtains and could be more. You only need to buy curtain accessory to complete decoration, like curtain bars and curtain rings.

There are also others way to cover the window, such as blinds, paint and shades. But those are rather expensive, especially compared to the price of curtain. To cover small window like sidelight window using blind or hardware must be expensive, because you must buy them little part. We know surely that to buy item in small part must be more expensive than buying them in large number. Sidelight window curtains may be smart solution to emerge the beauty of your front door.

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