Slab Cabinets Idea for House

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Having Slab Cabinets with fabulous design and great materials are all people’s dream. This furniture is important especially for your kitchen room since it can keep all your dining set and kitchen set tools. The wooden material is the best of everything. Wooden cabinets offer beautiful effect along with great durability. Wooden is a solid materials as well so it is really appropriate for cabinets. There are many types wooden that you can choose. The wood colors can be done pretty by doing finishing that is come with various colors too.

Various Wood Types

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Slab Cabinets appears with different type wood materials. You can use the maple wood with ginger finished or you can have another wood like alder, Cherry, and Oak. You can get the pine as well. After choosing the materials you can ask for the finishing. The finishing can be done by ginger model or others like natural, nutmeg, and Tuscan that shows light colors tone. For deep darker, you can get Sienna or Toffee with its dark brown tone while if you like the red tone colors then you can go with Bordeux.

Cappuccino and Espresso are other optional dark brown color for your Slab Cabinets. If you prefer to have pastel color like grey or blue then you can try Wasabi green type or Gunmetal blue. Winter tone and thunder is another pretty option of wood finishing. Usually the cabinets with wood materials will have two main designs. Those are classic style and contemporary or modern style. Choosing the style depends on your house idea.

Contemporary Cabinets

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Contemporary cabinets are different with Slab Cabinets. It uses more contemporary materials as its base materials. The materials can be foils and acrylics. Even though it does not shows natural cabinets style but it is still pretty to be applied in your room. You can do finishing for these cabinets too. Some of the finishing models you can choose are chrome, Ava for acrylic and Naples for satin foil. Another choice is Moxi style for veneer materials.

You can choose different design for your kitchen. Your cabinets can be done with horizontal lines or vertical lines. The style of cabinets which is highly numerous can be chosen depends on your interest. It will be better if you apply the cabinets that have same idea with your house style. Having Slab Cabinets is really appropriate for natural home style that always gets popular and long lasting from time to time.

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