Tips in Choosing the Right Accent Tables to Pair with Your Sofa

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From time to time, many people find interest in accent tables and want to add those in order to complete their home interior. The interest is not merely about the decorative value but also functional value offered by the tables. However, still there are a lot of people who find it not easy to pick the right table to pair sofa, especially the one placed in living room area. If by any chance you also find the thing to be quite tricky, here are some practical tips can be done to be able to pick the right table for sofa pairing.

Pick the right Height

Style is about preference so the number one tip that is about to be shared here is not related to that since you can really choose the style of accent tablesĀ based on the look you love the most. The first important thing to consider when about to purchase the tables is height. To create the best look and to match the sofa and end tables nicely, proper table height is basically needed.For sofa with arms, there are two choices of height best to pick. The first one is equal to the height of the arms and the other one is a bit higher or a bit lower than the arm height. Choosing end tables that are too low or too high will only create an unpleasant look. If by any chance the sofa is armless, you can try to imagine the height of the arms and consider that as the most proper choice of height for the end tables.

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End Tables with Mismatched Look

If you go to a furniture store and you gain more interest in two different accent tables instead of a pair with exactly the same design, it is as a matter of fact fine for you to pick tables with mismatched look. Even so, you need to know there are several things to consider so when the tables are placed in your interior those can still create a good look. The simplest suggestion can be told to you here is picking two tables with similar size and visual. As an example, a round end table in gold made of metal material can match a square end table made of wood but have the quite similar golden color and size with the round table. Hopefully, these two practical tips are helpful for you.

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