Unique 5 Head Floor Lamp for Minimalist Home

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You should hurry and get the 5 head floor lamp immediately because the stocks are running low! Even some market places have already out of stock for this cute lighting lamp. If you still don’t know why this floor lamp becomes very popular, you may take a look at its pictures. The floor lamp really looks fascinating, elegant, yet simple. The basic model of it consists of chrome metal body and five light bulbs on the top of it. This piece is really suitable to be placed on living room, bedroom, or even in your office.

Beautiful 5 Head Floor Lamp

replacement shades for 5 head floor lamp

Besides the basic style, now you could get 5 head floor lamp in more amazing styles. You could pick one product which looks suitable for your room style. You could start from your living room. Definitely, all of house owners want their living room to be as comfortable as possible. On this part of house, you will have your guests: from your casual friends, office mates, or even your boss! So, you should put the right furniture and decoration to set comfy mood. This floor lamp can help you to achieve that purpose well.

Minimalist style will always do well to all living rooms. This room style can avoid “too much” details which could make your guests feel uncomfortable. Luckily for you, the floor lamp comes with simple style as well. You could choose black and white color scheme for the floor lamp. The metal body could be covered in black finishing and the each lamp shade gets white color scheme. This floor lamp will look very elegant to be placed near your cream colored sofa or armchair. Don’t forget to place black coffee table in front of the sofa.

How about the lightbulbs’ style? There are so many beautiful styles you could pick too! If you love garden style, you could choose lamp shade which looks like tulip flowers. The style looks very chic with little modern touches. Their apple-white colors are really charming so that you will adore them so much. There are two products with that style which you could pick from Target. The smaller one will cost you for about US$ 56.99, very inexpensive for such gorgeous floor lamp. If you want bigger product, the price is slightly different, only for US$ 66.49.

5 head floor lamp makeover

Amazing 5 Head Floor Lamp

How if you get bored with minimalist color scheme? You could either buy new floor lamp (if you have the budget) or simply change the light bulb style. For one color theme, there are greatest options for you such as black, cobalt blue, red, orange, and many more. If you get confused on choosing the best color, you could simply buy the colorful options! One floor lamp product could have lamp shade with different color tone, or entirely different colors. So, there are many fantastic 5 head floor lamp products for your living room!

Sometimes you need romantic feels at your living room, for example when Valentine Day comes. Hence, all that you need is a floor lamp with pink color scheme. Instead of full pink color, you could get more interesting product featured different shades of pink! This floor lamp looks very sweet and chic, just what you need to welcome your special one at your house. From left to right, the pink color shades will be bolder.

Not only has the color scheme, this floor lamp style looked charming as well. It has solid body which comes with smooth white finishing. Each lamp shades face to different angle, which add more aesthetical points for this product. Definitely, this 5 head floor lamp should be brought to your house immediately!

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