The Best Ideas For Your Outdoor Design With Wall Mounted Patio Umbrella

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If you have a tropical or beach style house, you will love to have wall mounted patio umbrella for your outdoor design consideration. This outdoor patio umbrella type can make your well-furnished garden, courtyard, terrace, veranda or balcony become even more aesthetically awesome.  Since it is attachable on your house walls or pillars, you will not have to worry too much about the way you arrange your outdoor furniture, especially those who has limited space. It can be the best furniture as a replacement of the fixed outdoor canopy.

You can choose various types of wall mounted patio umbrella with various features and materials offered by their manufacturers, respectively. Most products, regardless with its brand, usually offer flexibility as well as the aesthetical appearance and durability for the consumer preference. Of course, you will always have your own option to choose the brand or type of wall mounted patio umbrella which you think are perfect for your outdoor design plan.

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Wall mounted versus pole patio umbrella

Most people always compare the wall patio umbrella with more commonly used pole patio umbrella. Of course both of them have the same function as outdoor furniture, to protect people from sunlight. What make the difference are basically lies within the flexibility feature and easiness of adjustment upon the changing sunlight direction.

You cannot always move your pole patio umbrella to adapt with the sunlight while you also need more time to relax. The fact is that, wall mounted patio umbrella is much easier to adjust than the pole patio umbrella. Would you like to pause your activities just to lift and move the pole umbrella due to the sunlight movement? I believe you wouldn’t.

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The concept of wall mounted furniture is to minimize the space usage on your floor so that you can utilize the space for other stuffs. Wall mounted patio umbrella is best suited with your outdoor balcony, or veranda in which you place chairs, tables, or bench near your house wall. Trust me, putting a pole patio umbrella will only cost you less space for other furniture.

Some recommended types of wall mounted patio umbrella to choose

  1. Red wall mounted patio umbrella

The red wall mounted patio umbrella is a model manufactured in Belgium. You will easily find this kind of wall outdoor umbrella model around Europe. It is usually found in seaside villas or courtyard. Fortunately this model is not only available in only red color option despite of the name. It is available in beige, moss green, and brick red canopy color.

This model is designed with flexibility adjustment feature up to 300 for any direction. It can also be switched into regular pole umbrella. It has around 9 feet diameter of hexagonal canopy made from 100% acrylic fabric. The canopy material can provide long lasting durability with capability to protect people under its shade from UV exposure and bad weathering. Moreover, the aluminum arm is designed with 3 sections to allow the user to manage the length of the canopy from the wall up to 12 feet long.

If you are interested to get one, you can have it for around US$799 including The Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Warrantee, which allow you to get aftermarket refund or exchange options.

  1. Versatile SU3 wall umbrella

This model is featured with 100 tilt adjustment option, horizontal 3600 rotation. You can also fold the umbrella and the arms down the wall or removed it away when you do not use it. It also has premium materials such as top quality anodized aluminum, and non-corrosive materials for it arm. The arm itself has telescopic length adjustment feature up to 1.8 meter long.

For the canopy, Versatile SU3 wall umbrella is manufactured using waterproof premium olefin (Coslan) fabric. This material can be washed and replaced optionally for the maintenance. In addition to that, the premium fabric material can give protection from UV exposure with UPF 40+ rating.

SU3 versatile wall umbrella is available in 8 color variants such as white sand, buttercup, terracotta, taupe, black widow, platinum grey, charcoal, and denim blue. If you are interested to get one for your wall mounted patio umbrella choice, this model is available around US$1.000 including 2 years canopy warranty.

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