Want to Construct Stainless Steel Guardrails? Consider These Things!

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We should have been quite familiar with the application of stainless steel guardrails in various usages. The most common one is how the guardrails are used in the balcony. True, the main important function of such guardrails is to give extra protection. When you’re in the balcony, don’t you want to enjoy the views there. Leaning on the guardrails can give you the comfort and safety. But, it’s not all. Guardrails can also play role as separator between one area to the other. And sure, aesthetical purpose can also be fulfilled by the guardrails. Do you think you are going to get the guardrails as well? Below, you can figure out some important things to know in dealing with the guardrails.

Pay Attention to the Pipes!

Yes, the pipes are the most important aspects of the stainless steel guardrails. The pipes will become the ones to construct the guardrails. That’s why the quality of the pipes is the number one thing to determine before you can move on to the other phase. For the pipes, it’s highly recommended to get the hot galvanized ones. Even more, it’s a must for you to get such pipes to guarantee the strength and also the durability of the guardrails later on. For addition, the surface of the pipes need to be finished with electrostatic spraying. Once it’s done, it’s going to give more durability to the guardrail. And another thing you must also consider is to make sure that the pieces and also the columns to construct the guardrails later on should have been welded perfectly. Of course, you should pre-determine the design of the guardrails beforehand to make sure you know the length of the pipes and also which parts of the pipes should be bent (if necessary).

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Don’t Forget the Cement Base

It’s pointless if you have already got the great stainless steel guardrails but the cement base isn’t really that strong. Yes, the base is going to become the foundation to make sure the guardrails have something to “attach” to so the strength of the guardrails can find its core. The key to provide the strength to the base is the mixture of the cement. If it’s possible, it’s always a good thing for you to create concrete there although it surely will cost you more. However, for safety purpose, don’t you think your money is going to be worth it? If you don’t want to use concrete, make sure the proportion of the cement is still more than the other stuffs like sands or rocks.

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