off white and gold curtains

off white and gold curtains

Decorating a room will be not perfect without curtain. A room must require curtain to complete the decoration. The main function of curtain is actually to cover the window. The curtain blocks the view from outside the house and the other hand from inside to outside. There are many styles and designs of curtain. It is usually differentiated by the motif and color. One of the most popular colors of curtain is white and gold curtains. It is commonly used by people to beautify their home.

We can find curtain in some spaces in the house, for example living room, bedroom, and the porch. Surely we will find the curtain in the place where there are windows in it. But, curtain can also be used as room separation. The color or the motif of curtain is decided by the homeowner based on the home interior design. So, it can be concluded that curtain motif or curtain color is following the whole interior design. To find proper curtain design for your home, here are some tips for you.

White and Gold Curtains for Living Room

In the living room, curtain is quite important. Besides to veil the room for privacy, the curtain can also make difference look of the living room. There are many designs and ideas of living room. The white and gold curtains can be added in any living room designs and ideas with no problem. If you have modern living room designs, for instead, you can employ gold-whiten curtain in the living room. It looks simpler and more elegant that is able to enhance the expression of the living room. You can combine that curtain to the white painted wall and window.

Moreover, you can also apply white and gold curtains in classic Victorian living room ideas. Victorian design and ideas are symbolized by some classic elegant furniture that can create luxury sense. Gold is the color that represents the luxuriousness.  Meanwhile, white is the color that can make balance inside the living room. So, the combination between gold and white in the classic Victorian living room shall be amazing. Maybe you can use striped curtain motif. The mixture white and gold of curtain will make some beautiful accents in your living room.

If you have an apartment with only small space for living room, white and gold curtains can also be outstanding too. Maybe you can try to design a transitional concept of living room. The whole wall is better to be painted in beige while the curtain is using basic white and gold color. I mean that the beige is the result of white and gold color mixture. Floral motif looks good to be applied in such living room designs. Especially if you have curved window design, long floor to ceiling curtain design will be great to apply.

Some Details to Choose Curtain

Applying curtains for home interior cannot be done randomly. You must think about detail before choosing it, such as the size, the design, the color, and even the price. The size must be the most important thing to be thought before you buy curtain. So, you must measure the window or other places that the curtain will be applied before deciding the size of the curtain you need. Usually, the curtain size is measured in centimeter.

Another detail is the design. It becomes important because curtain design has relation to the design of place that the curtain applied, for example living room. Meanwhile, the color of curtain is the same important with others. Like white and gold curtains, it only be nice if the design of the room is also appropriate.

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