wrap around curtain rod lowes

wrap around curtain rod lowes

Your beautiful curtain will looks more dazzling with chic wrap around curtain rod. This important detail is often being forgotten by people. In reality, how good the curtain bought by you will not looks well without proper curtain rod. So, you better read this article carefully to get many useful tips to choose good curtain rod. You should know that there are many types of curtain rod. Just like room styles, the curtain rod has so many available styles as well. So, you could choose which curtain rod will looks best on your house.

If you love vintage style, the Eclipse Roma Room Darkening Blackout Curtain Rod will satisfy your need. It has antique bronze color that will makes your curtain seems more gracious. Its price starts from $28.70, quite affordable for such good product. The bronze curtain rod could be installed on grey wall so that the color will look more radiant. After that, you could pick your favorite curtain in emerald color. That combination could be applied on your living room or dining room.

Lighter bronze color could be found in Sun Zero Light Blocking Tension Rod. This product could be another alternative too since its price only slightly different now. Originally, its price was $37.20 but because of discount it becomes $29.76. If the precious product has radian details on each tip, this one has concave details. This product will help you to achieve clear vintage looks at home. Besides the emerald curtains, you could hang red curtains on this rod. If you put this combination at dining room, your family dinner time will feel more enjoyable.

Cool Wrap around Curtain Rod

Still from antique styles, you may get French style at your home too! You may have already got a set of furniture with French style, but those sets will not be complete without Versailles curtain rod. This product could be bought from Homesquare for only $59.49 for each. Once you look at this curtain rod, you’ll want it immediately to complete your French room theme. It featured gold color which looks very elegant and sophisticated. Although the curtain rod model is quite simple, it still looks enchanting.

More sophisticated wrap around curtain rod could be purchased from Homesquare too! This product is specially designed for you who love diamond. Still from Versailles series, the Gem Rod Set can makes your plain room looks fancier. On each tip of this curtain rod, there are white gem decorations which add more aesthetical values. Contrast with the gleaming gem, the body of this curtain rod colored in sophisticated black color. This curtain rod will be suitable to be placed on minimalist-styled house. You could just simply hang a white curtain on it and the whole room will seems more attractive.

Matching Wrap around Curtain Rod

Not only the vintage model, but you will get beautiful curtain rod in modern style as well. This type of curtain rod will be suitable to be hanged on minimalist house and monochrome theme. One good product which supports the minimalist theme named Umbra Twilight by Sirround INC. For only $43.68, a high quality curtain rod could be purchased from this store. This curtain rod really support monochrome theme with its dazzling black color.

For the same product, you could get different color theme. You could get clean and clear looks at your house with Umbra Twilight in white color theme. Its price is more inexpensive, only $26.78 for each. This curtain rod will help you to generate many minimalist house styles. The same wrap around curtain rod product also comes in gorgeous blue and brown color theme.

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