refinishing countertops to look like granite

refinishing countertops to look like granite

If you want to change the look of your kitchen, it is better to remodel it. Remodeling is the cheapest and easiest way to transform your dull kitchen into a fascinating one. Then what is the first thing must be considered? It is the kitchen countertop. The countertop is part of the kitchen that has massive influence to the whole kitchen design. So, you should accentuate that part first.

There are many ways to create awesome countertop. Of course it is still in inexpensive way. One of the ways is using laminate countertop, exactly the laminate countertops that look like granite. Why laminate countertop and why it should look like granite? There are some reasons you must know.

Why choose the laminate countertop?

The simple answer is because the laminate is affordable for everyone. Instead of costing thousands of dollars to get ‘original’ granite countertop, laminate countertop is only cost less than a hundred dollar. So, imagine that cheapness. The result is almost the same. Even it seems no different at glance. Laminate countertops that look like granite obviously is the smart choice for smart people.

Besides the economical benefit, laminate countertop has also other benefits. The laminate countertop is durable enough. The laminate material is nonporous. So, you don’t need to seal and unseal it. Moreover, it is easy to clean up the countertop if it is made of laminate. Whatever the kind of stain polluted the countertop, you can clean it easily. Everyone is worry about the stain that can impure the beauty of the countertop. The stain can also reduce the beauty and value of countertop. But, it is different when you apply laminate material as countertop. Your worry mustn’t as much as when using real granite countertop.

Now, how to apply the laminate countertops that looks like granite into your kitchen countertop and make it looks luxurious? Here the answer.

Make granite-look countertop using laminate

It is easy to apply laminate countertop onto your kitchen countertop. You can even do it by yourself.  To do it by yourself, you may prepare these tools, such as household cleaner, masking tape, damp rag, old newspapers, sandpaper, latex all-in-one paint, acrylic glaze, large paintbrush, sponges, polyurethane sealer, and reference photo of real granite. If those tools are ready then you can start to refurbish your kitchen countertop.

The first thing you should do is cleaning countertop by using household cleaner (you can also use damp rag).  Remove all grease and dirt on the countertop. Then, wipe it down with damp rag. Second, use the sandpaper to remove up all the shines. This way is able also make the paint stick on perfectly to the laminate. After that, wipe the countertop surface by using damp rag. It is also to remove all the remaining dust.

Third, protect the area that you don’t want to laminate by old newspaper. It is better also to place the newspaper on the kitchen ground to avoid dropping paint when you are painting the countertop. Fourth, choose the style of granite countertop you want to mimic. That is the use of reference photos. Fifth, pour the paint that you want it becomes the base color of your granite-look countertop into a paint tray. Then paint the entire countertop using paintbrush.

To make it more beautiful, add the acrylic color onto the base color. Use the sponge to make gradation color of countertop. And finally, apply the polyurethane over the countertop and allow it to completely dry. Those all the steps to make laminate countertops that look like granite. If you feel those are not clear enough, you can find some videos in the internet to make you clearer.

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