Amazing Best Floors for Kitchens for Mother’s Day Present

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If you think about best gift for your mother, you could consider giving her best floors for kitchens. For all of mother in this world, kitchen is a special place where they prepare meals for family every day. Definitely, giving that kitchen a little renovation will really make her day! However, how if you only have small budget to buy the new kitchen floors? Exactly, you need to read these tips and tricks to choose most wonderful kitchen floors with affordable prices. Just grab your paper and pencil and start take some useful notes!

First thing to be considered, you need to know what kind of kitchen style your mother love the most. You, especially if you are a man will be surprised to know that there are so many kinds of kitchen floor styles! You may investigate it secretly by asking your mother casually or just decide it from your mother’s characteristics. If your mother is a simple person who doesn’t like too crowded room, you could choose minimalist floor style. Commonly, these types of floor have monochrome color scheme.

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InexpensiveBest Floors for Kitchens

Now, the monochrome theme could be best floors for kitchens. You may choose laminate floors with black and white theme to reduce the renovation costs. The laminate floor can be great solution to your budget problems. Its price is pretty cheaper than marble or ceramic floors. Besides, the laminate floors could be cleaned very easily. It does not require too special treatment which can bother your mother. This kind of floor only needs to be swept regularly. Then, how to wash this floor properly? Just mix some water and soap to make it looks like new!

If your mother is a cheerful woman, you could pick the country style for her. This kitchen floor style will give warmer nuance at the kitchen. Generate this kitchen style is very easy too since you don’t need to do unnecessary efforts. However, you need to pick the right floor colors to get the country feels. You could arrange a moodboard to decide what kind of color will looks better on your kitchen. There are some key colors to create country kitchen feels such as: green, yellow, light brown, dark brown, light orange and broken white.

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For country kitchen floors, you could choose washed-style laminate floors. With the rustic style, your mother’s kitchen will truly looks awesome. If you still have some money left, you could go to flea market to search for some antique furniture. Choose kitchen furniture which has the same color mood with the new kitchen floors. For instance, if you select yellow floors, you could get soft green-colored furniture. You may get so many enchanting antique things at flea market, but remember to choose wisely. Some antique furniture may need a little renovation before could be used properly.

Superb Best Floors for Kitchens

Your mother will glad to have new wooden floors at her kitchen at the special day. However, prices of wooden kitchen floors could be more expensive than the laminate floors. Perhaps you could combine your money with your siblings or father. After you get enough money, you could go look for best floors for kitchens made of hard wood.

If your mother love cool atmosphere, you could give light brown color scheme for her kitchen floors. Her kitchen wall could be re-painted in white color scheme to match the new wooden floors. But, some mothers will choose for warmer nuance instead. Usually people will go for dark brown color theme to generate this kitchen atmosphere. Hence, you could give more special choice for your mother with warm red kitchen floors theme.

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