colonial white granite countertops

colonial white granite countertops

Granite stone furniture basically has its original outstanding durability and is almost maintenance free due to its unique and natural interlocking crystal structure. Some experiments have proven that common kitchen knife cannot easily scratch the surface. It is more likely that you will damage your knife from the attempt instead of harming the stone.

However, regardless with its natural durability, any granite stone furniture, especially those with colonial white color will still need maintenance to keep it like always new. Granite stone commonly has color variants like colonial white, black, gray, pink, brown, violet, and blue. Granite furniture with lighter color tone especially colonial white granite countertops will need more care in its maintenance since this kind of furniture is more prone to stain from foods or other dirt sources compared with any darker color options. To help you get clearer image on how to clean granite countertops properly, you should know what can and can’t you do on it.

The dos and don’ts

When it comes to the time you should clean your colonial white granite countertops you can just frequently wipe the counter off from any debris for daily cleaning. You can also use mixture of lukewarm water and stone soap products or cleaning agents which has pH neutral substances. If the granite countertop is spilled by any liquid, you should dry it soon. You are also supposed to dry it after the cleaning since you also use liquid form of cleaners.

Granite is not ceramic. Therefore, you must not use any porcelain or grout cleaners on any granite countertop. You must not to use lemon or vinegar to clean it either. Any substance containing alcohol is not pH neutral so it can easily leave marks on your countertop. Placing hot items on the surface is not allowed either.

Extra protection if necessary

There are extra protection choices if perhaps you think your precious colonial white granite countertop is the most valuable furniture among the others.

Some stone furniture manufacturers usually have already sealed the granite countertop surface with protective sealant. Since the sealant may wear off after certain period, you can optionally reseal it with some recommended granite sealant products. Try asking the manufacturer or furniture shop for the best recommended brand to get the perfect protection.

Special treatments upon unexpected scratches on your white colonial granite countertop

For additional information, any scratch or tiny hole on granite stone countertop surface can be a favorite place for dirt and bacteria to group up. In this case, the dirt which slipped inside the scratch or hole can make the dirt and stain pretty much more noticeable. It will make you have more effort to clean it. The best solution to this problem is by contacting any professional repairer to fix the scratches and holes and reseal the surface.

For those who have white colored granite kitchen counter, it is recommended to use chopping board to avoid unexpected damages on the granite surface. Placing some harsh bottomed stuffs are also harmful for its beauty. If you want to put some plants over any granite countertop, you must cover the surface with thick soft mat under the pots. Oil, hand cream, nail polish, or nail polish remover can even do permanent damage on the granite furniture surface. You had batter to put them away from your granite furniture. You can place them on your non-granite cupboard or somewhere else.

Picking darker color option of granite kitchen furniture is better

Lighter color like colonial white choice for the granite furniture can make your interior to give more spacious appearance. Darker colored furniture is considered to give illusion of more cramped space.

Without forbidding you to lose respect of pure and beautiful value of white colored furniture for your lovely house, it is actually better to minimize any possible unexpected accident on your colonial white granite countertop by picking other darker color alternatives, especially for your kitchen countertops.

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