Stunning Moon White Granite Countertops That Have Unique Characteristic

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Granite is one of the materials that mostly applied and used as countertops. It could be kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops. There are many reasons why granite is used as countertops. It has quality, durability, and beauty. Those three factors make granite is irreplaceable as the most beautiful material to use as countertop, above other materials such as marble and stone. High quality material brings high expensive price as the consequence. Granite countertop is the most expensive material to use as countertop.

Granite has some kinds. One kind has different color to another. One of the most popular kinds of granite used by people is moon white granite countertops. The moon white granite is also known as emerald white granite or Kashmir Pearl granite.  It becomes very popular because it has fascinating appearance. The white color is the identity own by the moon white granite mostly known by people. The design and motif are also unique and supposed to be better than other granite designs.

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The Characteristics of moon white granite

Moon white granite is reputedly from India, from the town of Hyderabad. The granite has been quarried for more than 20 years. The production is not massive. So, it can be concluded when the demand is high and the supply is less, the price will be high. In some store, the moon white granite countertops are priced about $25-$30 per square foot for 2cm thick granite. That high price of granite guarantees the quality and exclusivity.

The appearance of moon white granite is mostly white surely. Sometimes it can be a little bit yellowish. It has also beautiful grey swirls that are made of mineral deposits throughout the stone. Those grey swirls are characteristically owned by the moon white granite which does not exist in other kinds of granite. Besides grey swirls, the moon white granite countertops have another beauty. It has mesmerizing look by the navy blue and occasionally black speckle. It creates beautiful appearance of granite.

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How the moon white granite countertops match to your kitchen

When you want to design the kitchen (or other rooms in your home) you should consider about the compatibility. Actually, moon white granite, as the high quality granite, is compatible for any kitchen designs. But, it must be better if the quality granite owned by mood white is combined exactly to the whole kitchen design. As the countertop cannot be separated from the cabinet, the choosing of kitchen cabinet must be appropriate to the countertop.

We know that moon white granite has bright color. It is suitable to be combined with bright color of kitchen cabinet too. White kitchen cabinet will be more attractive paired with the white countertop. Your kitchen will look fresh and shining every time. Modern kitchen usually emphasize the brightness of furniture. So, moon white granite will be perfect accompanying white kitchen cabinet in modern kitchen design. It may also work well in traditional kitchen. An old dull kitchen will look more glamorous with addition of mood white countertop.

You can also combine the white countertop with dark color of kitchen cabinet, like black. The moon white granite countertops will make contrast with black kitchen cabinet inside your kitchen. This contrast will add the attractiveness in a kitchen. Dark blue and black accents on the granite countertop will make the composition is so stunning.

That is the shirt explanation about the moon white granite countertops. A countertop that has unique characteristic and it is versatile enough to be applied in many designs of kitchen. Besides its uniqueness, it has also quality and durability as the kitchen countertop.

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